Meijer S350E
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Meijer S350E
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Meijer S350E scrubber drier
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Meijer S350E scrubbing machine
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Meijer S350E new
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Meijer S350E
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Meijer S350E operation
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Meijer S350E
Meijer S350E
Meijer S350E for sale
Meijer S350E new
Meijer S350E scrubber drier
Meijer S350E scrubbing machine
Buy Meijer S350E
Buy Meijer S350E
Meijer S350E new
Meijer S350E
Meijer S350E operation

Meijer S350E

  • Capacity 1,050 m²/h
  • Working width 35 cm
  • Tank Capacity 8 liters
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The solid Meijer S350E scrubber accurately cleans small and laborious areas. Ideal for regularly recurring cleaning tasks. This low-maintenance scrubber will prove to be a reliable helper in no time!

The Meijer S350E scrubber is equipped with a 10-meter cable, but is optionally expandable to 15 meters. The included standard brush accurately scrubs smaller or laborious floors. With the optional pad holder, you customize the scrubber to your own needs and areas. The result: a gleaming clean floor!

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Technical information

Walk-behind or ride-on
Theoretical capacity
1050 m²/h
Scrubbing width
35 cm
Squeegee width
44 cm
Solution tank capacity
8 liters
Recovery tank capacity
10 liters
Number of brushes
Brush type
Brush diameter
35 cm
Power source
Maximum speed
3 km/h
Brush pressure
17 kilogram
Sound level
< 70 dB(A)
Weight (incl. batteries)
35 kilogram
Dimensions (LxWxH)
62 x 44 x 105 cm
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