Metech Cookie Policy

Metech uses cookies to understand the behavior of website visitors. Cookies are actually small files that send information via visited pages back and store it on your computer. This information can then be shared with third parties, for example partners/sub-processors such as Google. We use these cookies primarily to adapt to the behavior and needs of our website visitors and thus serve you better.

  • Functional cookies zive are necessary for the website to work properly and fall outside the "cookie law.
  • Statistical cookies help us understand what you do on the website and collect data anonymously .
  • Marketing cookies are used to serve relevant ads based on interests and actions through advertising and remarketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service of Google which uses cookies to provide insights about website behavior, such as number of page visits and session duration. This data is stored on Google's servers in the United States and stored securely according to the Safe Harbor program of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Remarketing and advertising

With the use of remarketing, individuals who have previously visited the website are contacted again through the Google Ads network, as well as social media (see below). By agreeing to our "marketing" cookies, we thus ensure that you actually see as many relevant ads as possible that match your interests.

Social media

Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin collect data themselves, such as age, gender and interests and you do/do not consent to this while using these applications. You can find more information about this at these companies' websites.

Metech deploys collected website cookies at the above social media channels to reach look-a-like audiences. These cookies are collected when you agree to "marketing" cookies, in order to form interest profiles for advertising purposes.

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