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Meijer VR950 Sweeper
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new Meijer VR950 sweeper
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Meijer VR950
Buy Meijer VR950
new Meijer VR950
Meijer VR950 Sweeper
Meijer VR950 new
Ordering Meijer VR950
new Meijer VR950 sweeper
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Meijer VR950 Demo Model

  • Capacity 6,200 m²/h
  • Working width 115 cm
  • Dumpster content 62 liters
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This sweeper has only been used a few times during demonstrations!

The Meijer VR950 sweeper is our best-selling sweeper thanks to its large capacity, unmatched ease of use and spotless results. While sitting down, you can get anywhere, as it can even handle slopes of 12%. Plus, you don't have to worry about crashing into anything; the solid rubber bumpers, impact-resistant side brushes and steel chassis ensure that it can take a good beating. This machine is therefore widely used in warehouses, sheds, parking lots and production sites. Available with a large 24V battery or a gasoline engine.

The Meijer VR950 has 6 tube filters, an electric filter shaker and a polyester filter area of 6 m². This allows it to sweep up all kinds of floor dirt well without getting clogged. And it does so with a hefty working width: the sweeping width with 2 side brushes is a whopping 115 cm. This sweeper features a 62 L waste container, which is easy to remove and empty manually. All in all, a very comfortable sweeper that is easy to operate.

Other specifications:

  • Theoretical capacity: 6,200 m²/h
  • Sweeping width of main brush: 70 cm
  • Sweeping width with 1 side brush: 92 cm
  • Sweeping width with 2 side brushes (optional): 115 cm
  • Dumpster capacity: 62 liters
  • Power source: Battery 24V
  • Battery working time: 4 hours
  • High dump: No
  • Filter type: Tube filter
  • Filter surface area: 6 m²
  • Maximum speed: 6 km/h
  • Filter shaker: Electric
  • Noise level: 91 dB (A)
  • Weight (incl. batteries): 386 kg
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 143 x 91 x 114 cm

Would you like to see the Meijer VR950 in action one day? Then request a demo using the form or contact us for more information.

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Technical information

Walk-behind or ride-on
Theoretical capacity
6200 m²/h
Working width with central brush
70 cm
Sweeping width with 1 side brush
92 cm
Sweeping width with 2 side brushes
115 cm
Side brush diameter
40 cm
Autonomy up to
4 hours
Debris hopper capacity
62 liters
Power source
Battery 24V / Gasoline
Emptying the waste bin
Type of filter
Polyester tube filter
Filter surface
6 m²
Max. climbing rate
12 %
Maximum speed
6 km/h
Rear wheels
Filter shaker
Sound level
91 dB(A)
Weight (excl. batteries)
256 kilogram
Weight (incl. batteries)
386 kilogram
Dimensions (LxWxH)
143 x 91 x 114 cm
In stock
Operating hours
30 hours

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