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At Metech, we understand the value of scrubbers to businesses, which is why we strive to offer an extensive selection to meet a variety of needs. In addition to our range of new scrubbers, we embrace the concept of sustainability by making a wide range of used scrubbers available to our customers, resulting in an extensive choice for every budget and type of cleaning task. From compact scrubbers to strong sit-on scrubbers, varying from short to long working time, you can find it all at Metech.

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Because of the many options, finding the right machine can be a challenge. Our advisors will be happy to help you find a cleaning machine suitable for your type of floor, type of soiling and surface area. Fill out the form and we will contact you for no-obligation advice.

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Why companies choose a scrubber from Metech.

At Metech you will find a wide selection with new, occasion and demo scrubbers for every situation. From walk-behind to sit-on models, we always have suitable machines from various brands in stock.

Not sure which scrubber is best for your type of floor, dirt or surface? Then request a no-obligation consultation or on-site demo.

  • Occasions are completely prepared technically upon purchase (new battery pack, brushes, wear parts, etc.)
  • Excellent service and short delivery times
  • Free on-site demonstration to see which machine best suits your situation
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Largest selection in Europe

We always have more than 700 machines in stock, allowing us to deliver quickly.

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The right machine for every budget

If you’re looking for a new or used sweeper or scrubber, you’ve come to the right place! With our wide range of machines, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

"Prompt service, clear explanation and advice in terms of maintenance and use of our scrubber. Neat and skilled mechanic."

Why choose a used scrubber?

A frequently asked question is why one should choose a used scrubber rather than a new one. There are several reasons why this may be a wise choice:

Cost savings: One of the most obvious benefits is cost savings. Occasion scrubbers are generally friendlier on the budget than new models, without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Environmentally friendly: By choosing a used machine, you are contributing to a sustainable future. Reusing equipment reduces the demand for new production, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Variety in brands and models: Our brand-independent approach allows you, the customer, to choose from a wide range of available makes and models. This allows you to find exactly the machine that meets their specific requirements and needs.

Buying a used scrubber

When buying a used scrubber, there are some important factors to consider:

State of the machine: Although it is a used machine, its condition is crucial. We ensure that all machines are thoroughly inspected and tested before the occasion scrubbers are sold. When ordered, the used scrubbers are technically made completely like new, making an occasion machine perform like new again.

Matching needs: Every cleaning task is different. It is important to choose a machine that fits the specific requirements of the cleaning job. With the various options at Metech, you can find exactly the machine that is right for your situation.

Whether you are looking for a scrubber for use in large warehouses or for smaller areas, the variety and quality of used scrubbers at Metech offer an excellent solution.

Why choose Metech?

At Metech, we differentiate ourselves from other providers in the used scrubber market in several ways. First, we offer the largest selection of scrubbers in all of Europe. This extensive range allows you to find a scrubber that perfectly suits your specific needs, regardless of the size of the cleaning task or the make and model required.

Moreover, at Metech we are known for our large stock of used machines. Because of this large stock, you can always quickly and easily find and purchase the machine you need, without having to wait long for availability.

Another advantage is the repair service we offer in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you can count on a fast and efficient service, with our experienced technicians quickly on site to fix any problems with the scrubbers you have purchased.

Invest with an occasion scrubber!

Choosing an occasion scrubber can be a smart investment for businesses looking for efficiency, durability and cost savings. At Metech, we not only offer a wide range of occasion scrubbers for sale, but we also differentiate ourselves through our brand-independent approach and the ability to find machines at home and abroad through our Search Service. As a result, even if we don't have a specific scrubber on offer, you can just come to us.

For those looking for a quality used scrubber, Metech is a reliable partner that meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and customer service. We offer the opportunity to request a no-obligation on-site consultation. This makes it possible to get expert advice on which scrubber is most suitable for your specific situation. Curious about the possibilities? Then request a free consultation on location!

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